Sunday, May 15, 2011


EGO is the most invisible villain in your life.EGO is the most dangerous bomb to keep you away from every success. The birth of an EGO is since your childhood. EGO is traveling with you 24 hours . EGO is a silent killer of your personality . EGO will never allow you to cross your border fixed by your mind.EGO is not an individual but the problem of the whole world.Unknowingly everybody is having EGO. But if we kill this EGO every person will be happy and face the life positively without any problem. Then why every individual is not ready to kill his EGO ?

First of all every individual is not aware of his EGO which is invisible ! Unless he start introspection he will not able to realize his EGO. Introspection means self inspection of your bad & good habits You have to erase your bad habits but never be proud of your good habits. Good habits are your pride which people around you will notice it & you will get due respect. But if you are not proudy  & allow yourself to meet your friends, relatives without any hitch then you will get very good response to build good relationship & the outcome will be very fruitful and encouraging.

At home as well as in office or business everybody is feeding their EGO to show their strength of highness . But the relations are getting more complicated due to rise of EGO. EGO is one of the horse among seven horse which are leading towards the goal of your life.The other horses are KAM (SEX) ,KRODH (ANGER),LOBH (GREED),MOH (ATTRACTION),MAD (LUST),MATSAR (ENVY),& AHANKAR (EGO) is the seventh horse. All these seven horses are controlled by whip of your mind. If you allow anyone horse to go fast or if that horse is not controlled by your whip of your mind,then the whole life will get an unexpected turn which will demoralize you

In the same way if you don't control the horse of EGO with the whip of your mind then you will be controlled by the horse of EGO and all the ways of success will be blocked & you will be left alone in this world. So without any delay kill your horse of EGO with the whip of your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND & run your 700 HP AUDI CAR of your life with pride & be a winner with your prestigious dream of your life.

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