Monday, March 19, 2012


It is possible for everyone on this earth.GOD has granted all the qualities within the body. When child is born all members of the family are happy. But when child is growing  and   cries then family is not happy because mother of the child is very much concern. During growth of the child mother's Third Eye works because of the intense love for the child. Anybody can develop this intense love by concentrating on the point between the eyebrows. We have to sit early morning at least for 1/2 an hour by sitting straight in quite place by folding our legs.

In the beginning lot of thoughts will disturb your mind. Let the thoughts come and go. Don't open your eyes. Focus on the point between 2 eyebrows . Slowly ...... open sky ,sounds , clouds , lightning , roads , vehicles , will appear before  the screen of your eyes. Keep your eyes closed.Gradually  everything will go away. The colors  and flowers are visible.Then it will be blank screen  and you will be traveling in the sky. Keep silence.After  a long gap suddenly flash will be there and unexpected things will start appearing. During this time your Third Eye is open and you will witness the unexpected. But all this is possible with lot of practice. One has to keep his body away from liquor and Non-Veg. Every day you have to sit for meditation at least for one hour before  dinner. You have to visit sacred religious place at least once in a week. Subsequently your face will be delighted and your third eye will start working.GO HERE

Third eye does not mean eye on the forehead . Third Eye is always invisible. Third eye has the capacity to foresee the problems of the person.Some personality has got inherited  power whereas  remaining power of Third Eye can be acquired by practicing   meditation. Third Eye is absolutely necessary for all people.To advance on your road to success we have to maximize our efforts to open our third eye.Believe  in yourself. Build your self confidence by Meditation daily.You will be overjoyed when you will experience your change of attitude.

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